Our Quality 10 Step Sod installation Process

  1.  Measure desired area for new sod, as well as determine the best sod suited for that area.  I.e. shaded areas or high traffic areas
    will require more durable sod.  Our sales staff will gladly help you in choosing the best sod for your lawn.
  2.  Kill existing weeds and undesired grasses in the areas to be sodded.  This step is for re-sod only, not new construction or new septic
    areas already prepared for sod.
  3. Our sod team will locate all current irrigation heads by turning on the system so we can insure all heads are located before bringing
    our equipment on your lawn.
  4. Remove the dead plant material killed in step 2 with a sod cutter and rake into piles to be picked up and removed from the property.
  5. Rake the areas to be sodded smooth for a level grade.  We can bring fill dirt and remove dirt to create a new grade upon request.
  6. Lay fresh sod within 24 hrs of harvest with minimal seams.  All of our St. Augustine grasses are a muck based sod (higher quality).
    All new grass has a small visible seam when they lay against each other, this will grow together within 30 days during growing season.
  7. Roll new sod to create good ground contact and level out any lumps in the sod. (Bahia, Zoysia, and Bermuda only).  Not necessary for
    St. Augustine Grasses.
  8. Check all irrigation by turning on the system to make sure everything is in working order.  If it’s broke, we fix it.
  9. Completely clean off all driveways, walkways, curbing, etc.
  10. ENJOY YOUR BEAUTIFUL NEW LAWN!!!  A manager will give you tips on caring for your new lawn so it will flourish.